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Best Books to Read in Winter 2021

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We’re big fans of reading books that coordinate with the season. It’s getting chilly out, which means we’re ready for snowy books that take place in the winter.

We curated a list of the best winter book recommendations for 2021, including everything from the best winter-themed books for a book club to lighter novels perfect for a relaxing reading session by the fireplace.

We excluded holiday-specific books from this list, but if you’re looking for a Christmas read we have those too! Check out our recommendations of the Best Christmas Books for Adults and another fun list of Books that Became Hallmark Christmas Movies.

Now, grab your hot cocoa and a warm, cozy blanket before you read of any of these winter novels!

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Books Set in Winter

Did we include your favorite on our list of the best winter books? Let us know if you have a recommendation we missed in the comments below!