The 22 Best Books of 2022

Each year, we love to highlight the best of the best books we’ve read. This year, twenty-two of these top titles are brand-new releases published in 2022.

Additionally, we love reading and highlighting backlist books. After our top books from 2022, you’ll find 18 more book recommendations that were published before 2022.

We first published a version of this list in mid-summer, highlighting the best books that we read in the first half of the year. Now that 2022 is nearing an end, we’ve updated this list to highlight all of our five-star picks out of the nearly 200 books we’ve read this year.

Keep in mind that these are the best books WE READ. Sometimes people get upset that we’ve “overlooked” their favorite, but we’re only including the books we read this year on the list. There are so many others on our TBR lists that we know will be excellent when we have time for them!

The Best Books We Read in 2022

The 22 Top Books of 2022: New Releases

Across a wide variety of genres, these are the best books we read this year. Published in 2022, each of the books on the list below earned a 5-star rating from the Book Girls.

The Best Backlist Titles We Read in 2022

While we read lots of new releases, we both have lengthy TBRs filled with books that we didn't get to in past years. These were our favorite books that we read this year that were published prior to 2022.

Printable Version of the Best Books of 2022

Looking for a printable version of this book list? Our Buy Me a Coffee BFF’s have access to a cute one-page printable tracker featuring all 22 books from the 2022 section of our favorites list! Join our membership site today for access to your copy!


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  1. Love your lists! Thank you!

  2. Gretchen McLaughlin says:

    The Hearts Invisible Furies by Jon Boyne is my favorite book of 2022. Exceptional character development and an amazing story. I continue to recommend it to everyone.

  3. The Measure has been my favorite book of 2022, so far! I highly recommend it. It is a book that is thought-provoking and leads to interesting discussions— great pick for a book club.