30 Best Christmas Books for Adults

Every year, Christmas sneaks up a little bit faster. Sometimes, we need a boost getting into the Christmas spirit and some help slowing down to enjoy the holiday season. Christmas books can help this time of year!

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While there are some great classic Christmas novels, like A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens about the infamous Ebenezer Scrooge, and, of course, lots of wonderful Christmas stories for kids, we instead focused this list of recommendations on contemporary books to read at Christmas for adults, including some romance novels, uplifting tales, and even some mysteries.

Grab some hot chocolate and find a quiet moment before bed to curl up by the Christmas tree and read one of the recommendations from our reading list below!

Best Christmas Books to Read in 2023

We've updated our list to include both newer books and highly-rated Christmas novels from prior years that may be easier to snag at the library without a wait.

Now that your own reading list is long, be sure to check our recommendations of the best Christmas books for kids!


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  1. Deirdre MJ says:

    A family member purchased a book for me that has easily become my FAVORITE Christmas book because it’s helped me tackle a REALLY important topic with my children – The talk about Santa Claus. It’s called “Secret Santa Claus Club” by Jeff Janke. As anyone with kids knows, this is something that is inevitable for anyone who celebrates Christmas and something most of us DO NOT look forward to. This book tells the story of a young girl reminiscing about Christmas and each year her experiences change as she grows older. She eventually starts to realize the truth and her parents let her in on the secret. The way they reveal the Santa truth is unique and special and I will be using it with my own children in the coming years. It’s time for you and your family to join the Secret Santa Claus Club! I am happy (and relieved) I found this book. You can tell the author really cares about this difficult subject and wants to help.

  2. This is an excellent list!!!