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Fiction Books Foodies Will Love

In our last reader survey, one of the most requested post themes was a list of fiction books for food lovers. We were thrilled to see that you love foodie fiction books as much as we do!

Three angled food fiction book covers. The center book is Delicious by Ruth Reichl

You’ll find our book recommendations split into three sub-headings.

First, Books with Food in the Title. This section is pretty self-explanatory, but one important note is that we only included books that also have vivid food descriptions or food themes beyond the title.

Next up might be our favorite section, Fiction Books with Recipes in Them. Each of these titles incorporates full recipes you can recreate at home. Yum! It’s also possible that books in the other sections incorporate recipes. If we weren’t sure, we didn’t include them here. If you know a book should be moved to this section, let us know in the comments below the post, and we’ll fix it!

Don’t overlook the final section, Other Fiction About Food. It contains some great novels that use food as a major plot point, from main characters working in family restaurants to amateur chefs taking cooking classes.

After you’ve gone through these suggestions and filled up your TBR list, there are two more posts full of food fiction. For cozy mystery fans, don’t miss our Culinary Cozy Mystery list. And if you love baking, you’ll find plenty of books set in bakeries on our list of Christmas novels.

Most of these books will make you hungry, so grab a snack and enjoy the list!

The Best Food Fiction Books

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Books with Food in the Title

While there are a lot of books with food in the title that we could have added to this section, we only included highly-rated fiction books with vivid food descriptions or food themes beyond the title.

Fiction Books with Recipes

This section includes fiction books with recipes in them. Some have recipes integrated throughout, while others include a recipe or two at the back of the book.

Other Food Fiction Books

Each of these novels uses food as a major plot point, and each will leave you hungry!

From books with food in the title to fiction books with recipes, this list of fiction books about food has something for everyone.



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