Winter Mini Reading Challenge

The end of the year can feel like a race to the finish line, and then January can seem to drag on forever. Our solution to both – good books! No matter what holidays you celebrate during December, it’s important to slow down and take a little time for yourself. Cozying up with a wintery read (or four) is the perfect way to relax and unwind.

To encourage you to continue making a little time for yourself through the next couple of months, we put together a quick Winter Reading Challenge. It’s only a 4-book challenge, and you can read them anytime throughout December, January, and February. We wanted it to be challenging enough to motivate you to keep picking up good books without adding to the end-of-year overwhelm.

To complete the challenge, just read one book from each of the four prompts below. You can read in any order and either choose from our lists of recommendations or pick a book from your own TBR list.

Prompt #1: Book Set in Winter

From book club reads to lighter novels, you’ll want to grab your hot cocoa, a warm, soft blanket, and get cozy with these winter reads!

Wintery background in white and gold with the book Three Holidays and Wedding sitting to to the left

Prompt #2: Book About a Winter Holiday

No matter what holiday you celebrate in winter, we have a book for you! This is also the perfect time to learn about other cultures and traditions.

Books about New Year's Eve for Adults

Prompt #3: A Book Set Around New Year’s

A few years ago, we discovered how much we enjoyed designating a book to read during the last week of December. These reads are perfect for winding down one year and gearing up for the next!

Prompt #4: A Winter Mystery or Thriller

From classics like Agatha Christie to Nordic Noir and true crime, these wintery reads are sure to make you shiver!

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