Best Beach Reads – Best 2023 Summer Books

Whether you’re relaxing next to the ocean or poolside, your summer reading will be more enjoyable with one of these easy reads in your hand and another in your beach bag.

What type of book makes a good beach read?

We want our summer books to be unputdownable easy reads. The kinds of books that keep the pages turning are key, especially when there are light, fun moments to counter serious scenes. Sometimes we want a love story, sometimes a family drama, and sometimes we want a gripping novel full of suspense. Summer bestsellers are often those that allow us to escape to a different world for a few hours…usually one with more sand and more waves. Who doesn’t want to feel like they’re on an island for a while?

With that description in mind, we gathered some of our past favorite beach books as well as fun new titles for 2023 to give you a good selection of beach books that will fill your summer reading list.

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The Best Beach Read Books of 2023

Best Beach Reads From Recent Years

As much as we are looking forward to all of the new 2023 summer book releases, we also know that the library waitlists can get frustrating! The following books are some of our favorite summer reads from recent years, most of which should be available without long waits.

Have you read any great books for summer this year? Share them in the comments below!

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  1. The wrong author is listed for Famous in a Small Town above, it lists Wade Rouse but the link takes us to Famous in a Small Town by Viola Shipman.

    1. Melissa George says:

      Despite the very different sounding names, it’s the same person! Wade uses his grandmother’s name (Viola Shipman) as his pen name. But, that’s definitely confusing – we normally match it to the name on the book cover and much have been on autopilot thinking about him. We’ll update it!

  2. Have you read Iona Iverson’s Rules for Commuting? It would be a great add to this list.

    1. Melissa George says:

      Oh thanks for the recommendation! Melissa has it on her shelf and we have it on another book list but didn’t realize it had a beach read feel too.

  3. Read Homewreakers and The Hotel Nantucket this 2022 beach reading season. Both were excellent! Didn’t want to get of the beach.

  4. Beth Gentry says:

    Great list! I’ve read several of these. The Guncle has been my favorite this year. I really liked Shipped, Beach Read, People We Meet on Vacation, and One to Watch too. I’ve got The Siren and Road Trip on my list! I’ve started Big Summer a couple times, but I haven’t gotten into it. I’m reading Dial ‘A’ for Aunties right now. I finished a fun beach read last week called The Layover.

  5. Sarah Vogel says:

    I am halfway through “Big Summer” and it just took a major twist that I did NOT see coming! It’s really good. It is actually sitting right next to me, awaiting my return! 🙂 I love all of Jennifer Weiner’s books. I have actually read a lot of your prior recommendation from the Book Club and have never been disappointed! I also have read “Evvie Drake Starts Over” and enjoyed it. Before I pick up “Big Summer” and find out what happens, I’m going to request quite a few of these recommendations for summer reading from my local library. I don’t have the space to accumulate purchased books now, so this is a great alternative. Thank you again for proofreading for us so we all know what’s worthwhile and fun!!!

    1. Melissa George says:

      Oh good! I heard from another friend last night that they just finished Big Summer and loved it too. Now I’m extra excited to read and find the twist! My pile to read is outrageous at the moment, but Big Summer is towards the very top. – Melissa