Best Friends to Lovers Books

We’re big fans of many romance novel tropes, especially those that come in rom com form. The best friends to lovers book genre is an easy one to love because both Book Girls were friends with their now-spouses well before their first dates. Both guys are amazing, so after decades of marriage we highly recommend this approach!

What is the Best Friends to Lovers Trope?

In the popular friends to lovers book trope, characters start out as platonic friends before their relationship evolves into a love story. There are several different twists on this genre, including childhood friends to lovers, characters that are close friends in their teen or college years, then reunite when they are older, and new friendships that develop into something more.

Some examples you might recognize from TV include Monica and Chandler on Friends, and Lorelai and Luke on Gilmore Girls.

If you’re also drawn to those characters or books about best friends falling in love, this is the perfect list for you. If you’re into the opposite, you can always check out the books on our enemies to lovers book list!

The Best Friends to Lovers Romance Books

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  1. Sarah S Vogel says:

    I definitely recommend “The People We Meet On Vacation”! Loved it. Thanks for the other recommendations, girls!