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Books that Span Multiple Continents

We loved reading around the world with all of you – our fellow armchair travelers. The Book Voyage reading challenge takes us to every corner of the globe. Now, we’re looking forward to reading books that span multiple continents. This is a great way to compare and contrast the scenery and lifestyles of different countries around the world from the comfort of one book!

THree tilted book covers with picture of Jackie Kennedy on a ship on the center book.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best books set across multiple continents, including a variety of titles to suit any reading mood. From harrowing non-fiction memoirs and family sagas to travelogues and even a light and enjoyable holiday novel, we hope you’ll find several books worthy of your TBR list.

Books Set in Multiple Countries

You are welcome to choose any book that you’d like to read for the challenge, but we hope that this list of books has given you a good starting point.

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Angela & Melissa

The Book Girls are best friends who jointly read over 200 books per year. We started Book Girls' Guide in 2019 to help others de-stress and find joy through the power of a great book. We do in-depth research on thousands of novels and non-fiction titles each year to provide curated book lists covering a variety of genres.

Trish R.

Wednesday 23rd of November 2022

I always look forward to the new list each month, thank you for the great suggestions! I have been searching all over the internet for more suggestions on Christmas books that span multiple continents.....if anybody could please provide some additional suggestions, I would appreciate it!

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