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Mystery Books Set in the 1920s

When our annual survey revealed historical fiction and mystery as two of the favorite genres among our readers, we thought we’d challenge ourselves to put together a fun list that crosses both categories. We noticed several mystery novels set in the 1920s had been published in recent years, from light cozy mysteries to stories based on real crimes from the 20s.

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Combining these new works with classic 1920s detectives like Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot created a fun new book recommendation list. Whether you’re looking for a good mystery book on prohibition or a murder mystery book set in 1920s India, we’ve found something for every reader. There are even two non-fiction reads for our true crime fans! 

If you’re participating in the Decades Challenge, this list is a great supplement to our main Books Set in the 1920s list, which covers all genres.

Best Mystery Books Set in the 1920s

Cozy Mysteries Set in the 1920s

If you love an easy-read cozy mystery full of amateur sleuths, check out the 1920s cozy mystery books in this section.

1920s Mystery Books Based on Real Events

For fans of true crime, non-fiction, or historical fiction that tells the story of real historical events, the books in this section should be perfect!

1920s Historical Fiction with a Mystery Sub-Plot

If you prefer books with a mystery incorporated into the storyline instead of being the only focus of the book, try these titles.

Additional Mystery Book Recommendations

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Lane Johnson

Friday 26th of August 2022

The Dorothy Sayers books set the standard for detective stories. They are a must. Sadly, the Mehudi stories do not approach the standard. Her characters are boring as are the plots.

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