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Gardening Novels: Historical Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, & Classic

As spring blooms and the weather warms up, many people find themselves venturing out into their gardens to tend the plants and flowers. But what if you’re looking for something on theme to read when the weather isn’t right for planting? Look no further than these novels about gardening that will transport you to a world of blooming flowers, fruit, vegetables, and other beautiful landscapes.

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What Kinds of Gardening Books Are On this List?

We curated a list of our favorite highly-rated fiction books about gardening to suit all reading preferences and levels of gardening experience (or inexperience). The list below is divided into three sections – historical fiction, contemporary fiction, and classics.

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The Best Novels About Gardening

Gardens in Historical Fiction

These historical fiction novels not only provide an escape to a different time, they highlight the importance of gardens throughout history. You’ll be transported to different eras and can explore the impact that gardens have had on culture and society in different time periods.

Gardens in Contemporary Fiction

Contemporary novels offer a fresh perspective on the joys of gardening. From heartwarming tales of community gardens to family orchards and suburban backyards, we love all the different ways that authors have found a way to incorporate the magic of gardening into their works.

Classics Novels that Incorporate Gardens

Classics novels that feature gardens have an air of timelessness and beauty. The gardens become a character in themselves, providing a window into the plot, characters, and themes of these books. Whether they represent hope, tragedy, or a little bit of both, gardens help bring these iconic stories to life.



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