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Books Like We Were Liars

While we love discovering and sharing lesser-known books in our recommendations, we also try to stay in tune with the most popular books each year. We both missed reading We Were Liars by E. Lockhart when it was new, but it caught our attention when the prequel, Family of Liars, was released.

Three angled book covers in blue and brown colors with the center cover title We Were Liars

We Were Liars Summary

Both books feature the wealthy Sinclair family, and center on their summers together on a private island compound off the coast of Massachusettes. In We Were Liars, the main character is 17-year-old Cadence, who has debilitating migraines and memory loss after an accident on the island during what she calls “Summer Fifteen.” After being kept away from her cousins for the summer after the accident, the bulk of the book takes place as she finally returns to the island and tries to piece together what happened to her.

This quick read (256 pages) will leave you guessing until the plot twist is finally revealed, and is a great pick for those who enjoy suspenseful family drama. It’s a bit different than anything else we’ve read lately, so we thought it would be fun to put together a list of books like We Were Liars.

While We Were Liars is a Young Adult (YA) book, it’s a good read for non-so-young adults as well. We didn’t limit our search for similar books to just young adult titles, so the list below is broken into two sections – YA books similar to We Were Liars and adult fiction books for fans of We Were Liars.

We’ve tried to steer clear of spoilers while still explaining why these are great books to read after We Were Liars, but if you haven’t read WWL yet, and you want to go in knowing as little as possible, then you might want to bookmark this list for later.

The Best Books to Read if You Liked We Were Liars

YA Books Similar to We Were Liars

Adult Fiction Books for Fans of We Were Liars

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