The Best Christmas Books for Kids in 2023

The holiday season can get very hectic! But reading together is a great way to slow down and enjoy quality family time. Fortunately, the wonderful Christmas read alouds on our list will delight parents and kids alike. If you want to add to your collection, or if you’re looking for books to borrow from your local library this season, our list of the best Christmas books for kids is the perfect place to start!

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How to Choose the Best Children’s Christmas Books for Your Family

To help you find the right holiday books for your family, we’ve broken our list down into five categories:

  • Christmas Books For Toddlers
  • Christmas Picture Books
  • Classic Christmas Books for Kids
  • Christmas Books For Young Readers
  • Christmas Chapter Books for Kids and Middle-Grade Readers

Whether you’re searching for just one very special holiday book, or enough to enjoy all season long, look no further!

The Best Children's Christmas Books

Christmas Books for Toddlers

These board books include simple stories, wonderful illustrations, and even some interactive elements that make them some of the very best Christmas books for preschoolers and toddlers.

The Best Christmas Picture Books

There are so many wonderful Christmas story books for kids that it’s hard to narrow it down, but the ones that made our list have all become favorites with our families!

Classic Christmas Books for Kids

These classic children’s Christmas books (many of which you’ll probably remember from your own childhood) are perfect for families to enjoy together. The titles on this list make some of the best Christmas Eve books to read again year after year.

Christmas Books for Young Readers

If you are looking for a Christmas book that your beginner reader can read on their own or out loud to you, this list is a good place to start.

Christmas Chapter Books for Kids and Middle-Grade Readers

Whether you have older kids who are ready to read independently, or you’re looking for a longer book to read out loud as a family, these Christmas chapter books are sure to put everyone in the holiday spirit.

How to Incorporate Christmas Books Into Your Family Traditions

We strongly believe that kids should always be surrounded by books, but when it comes to holiday-themed books, we prefer to store them with the holiday decor, bringing them out for a month or so each year. By doing this, we can enjoy our favorite Christmas books year after year without the kids getting bored. Plus, storing them during the off-season frees up more room on the shelves for other books!

Incorporating books into your holiday traditions is a wonderful way to get into the Christmas spirit while instilling a lifelong love of reading in your children. Some families have a favorite title they like to read to kick off the season, some read a book or a chapter each night of December, and others choose a favorite family Christmas book to reach each Christmas Eve before tucking the kids into bed.

How to Create a Christmas Book Advent Calendar

Learn how to create a Christmas Book Advent Calendar: A bookish advent calendar is one of our favoirte Christmas traditions. We’ve provided step by step instructions, answered lots of frequently asked questions, and even included a list of Christmas Advent Books for those who want to start this holiday tradition with a single book.


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  1. Bron Morgan says:

    If you’ve never read the Lori Evert Wish books, check them out! Each year I read The Christmas Wish to some of my classes, and the kids are mesmerized!!! (Mom wrote the story using her daughter as a character and Dad is the photographer!)

    1. Melissa George says:

      Thank you! That looks amazing – such cool photographs!