Mary Kay Andrews Books in Order

Mary Kay Andrews the popular pen name for Kathy Hogan Trocheck, a New York Times bestselling author renowned for her contemporary women’s fiction. Over the past two decades, she has amassed a large and loyal following, captivating readers with her engaging storytelling and delightful characters.

Andrews, who you may also see referred to as MKA by her fans, has a knack for creating atmospheric settings that serve as a backdrop for stories filled with romance, mystery, and a touch of humor. Her writing style is often characterized as ‘Southern Lit,’ featuring strong, independent women and set against the backdrop of the American South. Her novels are known for their breezy, escapist plots, making them the perfect beach reads.

Whether you are new to her work or a longtime fan, this article will provide a comprehensive list of all Mary Kay Andrews books in order of publication, so you can enjoy her stories from the very beginning or fill in any gaps in your collection.

Mary Kay Andrews Books in Order

Short Stories & Novellas


The Beach House Cookbook (2017)

Christmas Books by Mary Kay Andrews

While we did include Christmas books in the full chronology of Mary Kay Andrews books above, we thought it would also be helpful to feature her Christmas novels separately for anyone looking forward to holiday reading.

Additionally, while not a Christmas story, the seventh book in the Callahan Garrity series, titled Midnight Clear is set during the week of Christmas. It can be read as a standalone, and it’s a great pick if you enjoy seasonally set stories, but don’t necessarily want to read a book specifically about the holiday.

Weezie and Bebe Books in Order

The Weezie & Bebe mystery series is also sometimes referred to as the Mary Kay Andrews Savannah Series or Southern Series. It includes four books all set in Savannah, Georgia, and features two main protagonists. Eloise “Weezie” Foley is a recently divorced antique dealer. She combs the alleys and garage sales of Savannah in search of hidden treasures. Bebe Loudermilk has been divorced three times and runs a restaurant in town. In order to scrape together enough income to get by after her divorce, Weezie takes a job as a dessert baker at Bebe’s restaurant.

Callahan Garrity Books in Order

The Callahan Garrity series includes 8 primary works published throughout the 1990s. Three related short stories were published a decade later. The series features a middle-aged protagonist named Callahan Garrity. She is an ex-cop from Atlanta who trades in her badge for a broom and now owns and operates a house cleaning service. But the job is messier than she ever imagined.

Mary Kay Andrews Books in Order Printable

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In addition to this quick list of MKA books, we also have a full author guide available, which includes a list of the best Mary Kay Andrews books according to our readers.


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