Guide to Abby Jimenez Books in Order

Over the few years, both Book Girls have fallen in love with Abby Jimenez’s books. She’s rocketed her way into our list of all-time favorite authors with her ability to make us laugh and swoon while still bringing more depth than your average rom-com.

We often see questions about which Abby Jimenez book someone should read first or which of her books belong in a series. We’re here to answer those questions and give you a synopsis of each of her books in order of publication!

Spines of 6 Abby Jimenez Books

Abby Jimenez Books

While we’ve provided an overview of every book below, be aware that each title goes deeper into the character’s life struggles than you may expect. If you are sensitive to any topics, be sure to check trigger warnings before reading any of her titles. We did not include trigger warnings for all the books as many would be spoilers.

The Friend Zone Series

There are three books in The Friend Zone series, each following a different main character. Each book is written to work independently as a stand-alone. However, if you plan to read all three, we do recommend picking them up in order to avoid any spoilers. For example, you’ll see an update on the main character from book #1 in book #2.

Three stacked books with The Friend Zone on top
Friend Zone book cover

Book Summary

Kristen is doing her best at adulting and planning her best friend’s wedding while also planning an unfortunate surgery that means she won’t be able to have her own children. She tells herself it’s okay as her boyfriend doesn’t want kids, even though she does. 

When she meets the best man, Josh, their friendship grows rather quickly. Soon, it’s like they’ve known each other forever. While he’s everything a great boyfriend should be, especially compared to her current boyfriend, she keeps him firmly in The Friend Zone, both out of respect for her relationship and because she knows the thing he wants most is a large family. And that’s the one thing she can’t provide.

The Book Girls Say…

In 2019, The Friend Zone was nominated for Best Debut Novel & Best Romance.

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Happy Ever After Playlist cover

Book Summary

This story starts on a hilarious note as a lost dog shocks Sloan by jumping through her sunroof during an already rough day. When the owner doesn’t respond to calls, Sloan begins to love the dog, Tucker, as her own.

After several weeks, Tucker’s owner finally contacts her and wants Tucker back. Unfortunately, he’s out of the country and can’t claim Tucker right away, and Sloan isn’t sure he deserves his dog back. She’s been through a terrible two years and the dog has helped her heal.

You’ll love how the story develops after that – a musician and the interaction between his life on and off the stage play an important role in the book.

The Book Girls Say…

You may recognize Sloan from her role as Kristen’s friend in The Friend Zone.

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Life's Too Short book cover

Book Summary

Vanessa is living with the looming dread of losing her ability to walk, and then her life, to the heredity disease ALS that has already killed her mother and sister. She decided to seize every moment she had left by leaving her job to travel and document her journey online, and her first video on YouTube went viral. Millions now watch her travels around the globe.

However, she’s temporarily stuck at home as her half-sister suddenly dropped off her infant daughter and is now MIA. Vanessa has no idea how to calm the screaming baby, and it’s getting harder every day. She never expected the solution to calming the baby girl in the middle of the night would come in the form of the hot attorney from next door, Adrian. Or that she’d soon find even more solace in Adrian and his foster geriatric Chihuahua.

The Book Girls Say…

This is the most loosely related book in the series, but you will see some familiar faces from the first two books. Adrian is the cousin of Josh from The Friend Zone, and in the prior books, he went on a date with Sloane, the main character from The Happy Ever After Playlist.

Life’s Too Short was a Minnesota Book Awards winner.

Part of Your World Series

The Part of Your World series has two books. Like The Friend Zone series, these books have separate main characters, but you’ll see brief updates on the characters from Part of Your World as you read Yours Truly.

Two stacked books with Part of Your World on top

Book Summary

Alexis is a thirty-seven-year-old sophisticated city girl. Daniel is the twenty-eight-year-old small-town mayor who saves her when her car gets stuck in a ditch. They have almost nothing in common but a strong commitment to their respective communities. Nonetheless, their chemistry is undeniable!

She comes from an ultra-wealthy family who looks down on her for being a mere ER doctor (rather than carrying on the family legacy as a world-renowned surgeon). She’s also recovering from a toxic relationship.

As she spends time in Daniel’s tight-knit small town, she discovers what’s really important to her. But it seems impossible to reconcile these revelations with her obligations. Is there any chance that their fling could be anything more than that? How can she choose between her world and his?

The Book Girls Say…

We love a good rom-com, but many fall more into the four-star range. Those that rise to the five-star level for us mix humor and romance with deeper topics, and Part of Your World does that so well! It will make you laugh and cry (sometimes even at the same time). It’s a book that you’ll want to hug!

This story deals with some heavier issues, including both emotional and physical abuse. Neither is graphically portrayed on the page, but the impacts on the survivors are felt throughout the book.

Yours Truly Book Cover

Book Summary

Dr. Briana Ortiz is in the middle of a divorce. In between trying to earn a new promotion, she’s also trying to find a new kidney for her brother. When the hospital brings in a new doctor, she’s sure it’s because they want a man in charge instead of her. So, she instantly considers Dr. Jacob Maddox her new nemesis.

But then he sends her a REALLY GOOD letter. Is it possible this guy is terrible at first impressions, but actually an amazing human? Soon, they’re exchanging letters, lunches, and something even more important.

The Book Girls Say…

If you enjoy books with epistolary aspects, we think you’ll love this title as much as we did!

Kindle Unlimited as of: 04/08/2024

New Abby Jimenez Book for 2024

Just for the Summer Book Cover

Book Summary

Every woman Justin goes on a date with seems to find their soulmate right after breaking up with him. It’s his curse, and now, thanks to a Reddit thread, EVERYONE knows.

However, his viral embarrassment may have a silver lining. Emma has the same problem and has sent him a message. The solution is obvious. They’ll date each other, break up, and then destiny will bring them each their own soulmates.

Traveling nurse Emma finds a job in Minnesota and rents a cute cottage on Lake Minnetonka for her summer fling with Justin. But when Emma’s toxic mother shows up and Justin has to assume guardianship of his three siblings, they’re suddenly navigating a lot more than they expected. Will these challenges quickly rip them apart, or does fate have other plans?

The Book Girls Say…

Just for the Summer reached #1 on the New York Times bestseller list for combined print and ebook sales in April 2024!

While this new book is not in the Part of Your World series, readers of that series will enjoy the cameos from some of their favorite characters from the “Part of Your World” universe.

Abby Jimenez Novella

For Valentine’s Day 2024, Amazon worked with some of the best contemporary romance authors to create a collection of short stories called The Improbable Meet Cute. These novellas are included with Kindle Unlimited in both ebook and audio format or can be purchased individually.

Worst Wingman Ever book cover

Book Summary

Holly is a hospice nurse, and her current parent is her own beloved grandmother. Plus, she’s just had a bad breakup, so life is not great. But, she at least got a laugh out of the note left on her car for Valentine’s Day. Clearly, the naughty message was intended for someone else.

The amusing mistake soon turns into a series of anonymous exchanges that bring some happiness to Holly’s hard days.

The Book Girls Say…

This novella is a quick read at 61 pages, but we could have kept reading about these characters for much longer.

Kindle Unlimited as of: 04/08/2024

Printable Abby Jimenez Book Tracker

Looking for a printable version of this chronological Abby Jimenez novel list? Our Buy Me a Coffee BFF’s have access to a cute printable tracker featuring the covers of all her novels, including her 2024 release, Just for the Summer. Join our membership site today for instant access to your copy, along with some other fun perks!

Image of printable page of Abby Jimenez book covers

About Abby Jimenez

In addition to being a New York Times best-selling author, Abby Jimenez is also a Food Network champion.

Have you ever noticed that the characters in Abby Jimenez books are always ordering delicious treats from Nadia Cakes? That’s because Abby Jimenez owns the bakery, which has locations in Minnesota and California! She’s as talented in the kitchen as she is behind a keyboard. She won Food Network’s Cupcake Wars and was featured on two seasons of TLC’s hit show Fabulous Cakes!

Inside back cover of Abby Jimenez book showing author cover and bio

Born and raised in California, Abby now calls the Twin Cities of Minnesota home. Abby and her husband first visited Minnesota on a cross-country trip and immediately fell in love – so much so that they moved there just three months later.

After finding huge success with her bakeries, Abby was ready for a new challenge. She loves romance novels, but had a hard time finding exactly what she wanted to read – “something that was funny, but also had depth.” That’s when she decided maybe she could write her own romance. Six books later, with Just for the Summer reaching #1 on the New York Times Best Seller List, we’d say that yes, she can!

Do you need to read Abby Jimenez’s books in order?

With the exception of her new 2024 novel, Abby’s novels are separated into two different series (listed above by series).

Just for the Summer, which was released in April of 2024, is her first book not to be listed as part of a series. Nonetheless, readers of Just for the Summer will enjoy cameos from some of their favorite characters from the “Part of Your World” universe, along with other Easter eggs that tie the books together. If you plan to read the other two books, you’ll likely enjoy them best in order of publication, but Just for the Summer can be enjoyed just as much as a standalone novel.

Throughout both series, every book has a different main character and a new storyline. However, reading out of order will create some spoilers of earlier books. The characters from the different books within a series are friends, so you’ll see how life turned out for characters in the first book in subsequent books.

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