Summer Reading Challenge for Adults

We’ve been introducing mini-reading challenges for each season, and it’s time for summer! We hope these seasonal reading challenges help us all stay a bit more present and enjoy the unique joys that each season brings.

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For the summer reading challenge, we’ve come up with six prompts. You’ll select one book for each prompt from our lists of highly-rated book recommendations (linked below). Of course, you’re also welcome to choose books that aren’t on our curated lists to complete the challenge.

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Summer Reading Challenge Prompts & Book Lists

To complete this challenge, select one book of your choice for each of the six prompts below. This is totally self-paced and can be completed in any order.

As we’ve compiled various book lists over the years, we’ve noticed that swimming can often play an important role in the lives of characters. We found 13 highly-rated novels and a new non-fiction release for you to choose from!

For this prompt, you can select a book related to one of the summer Olympic sports or a book set in Paris (the 2024 host city). Remember, you only need to read ONE book to meet the prompt, even though you can select from three different lists.

We have both multi-genre and thriller-specific lists to choose from for islands and lakes, so there is something for everyone!

Reading challenges should be fun! For this prompt, you can select any book with summer vibes from your favorite genre. We hope this is an excuse to grab something from your TBR list, but we have plenty of suggestions, too! You can see all of our summer book lists here, but we linked four that are perfect for this prompt below.

Whether you dream of taking a safari through Africa, bustling through London or Tokyo, or visiting a new US state, this is your chance to armchair travel anywhere you’d love to visit. We have recommendations for every US state & territory, plus almost every country around the world.

Whether you fondly remember the road trips of your youth, or you are planning a cross-country adventure of your own this summer, we invite you to join us on a literary road trip.

We hope you love our new adult summer reading challenge! If you’re not already a member of our Read with the Book Girls Facebook Group, we hope you’ll join and share your progress in our weekly What Are You Reading thread.


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