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Books About Friendship for Adults

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We couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the first anniversary of Book Girls’ Guide than to gather books about friendship. If you’re not familiar with us, we started the Book Girls’ Guide as two friends, in different states, with a shared love of books.

Our own friendship started in 2014 at a conference for home decor bloggers because Angela also owns and Melissa owns Soon, we learned we’d both be at another conference later that year and agreed to be roommates. Before leaving the second trip, we had schemed up a visit to New York City with our spouses. Over the past 6 years, we’ve spent time in more than 10 different cities for both work and fun.

We’ve had unforgettable experiences along with way, from seeing the original cast of Hamilton on Broadway thanks to Angela’s wise husband to somewhat accidentally chatting with one of The Temptations in Beverly Hills.

So, it’s only appropriate that Book Girls’ Guide started on one of these trips. Angela flew from her home in Denver to Melissa’s house in Tulsa. Then, we started a road trip to a conference in Austin. Along the way, we stopped in Waco. While waiting on the patio of Magnolia Table, the idea of a shared book recommendation site was born. In the next few hours, as we had lunch and then drove to Austin, we never stopped brainstorming. By the time we reached our hotel, we had settled on the name, purchased the domain, and had set up the social media.

By the next day, we had a logo, the shell of the website, and a list of over 100 post ideas. It was fast and fabulous! We hoped people would enjoy the site and that it would be fun for us, but we underestimated how well you would respond to the Decades Challenge, Book Voyage Reading Challenge, and the Read with the Book Girls Facebook group. We wanted to have a kind community where readers who enjoy similar books could interact and each time we see that happening, all the work is worth it.

We’re looking forward to the day we can safely resume our trips together, but until then, we’re happy we have this joint project that we can share with all of you.

Books About Friendship for Adults

Books About Friendship (Text over book covers)

Beth Ferguson

Thursday 3rd of December 2020

Thank you so much for starting this reading challenge! What a wonderful idea you both came up with. I read books that I was not familiar with and books that I would have never picked up and loved them all. I was awakened to events that happened that I was unaware of (Radium Girls) and loved reading about the different time periods. I am looking forward to seeing the 2021 reading challenge!

Melissa George

Thursday 3rd of December 2020

We're thrilled that you enjoyed it and learned some new things this year through the challenge. Radium Girls was an eye-opening book for us as well. We can't wait to share the plan for 2021 along with the first list!