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Best Book Series for Adults – 19 Reader Picks

When we decided to write a post about the best book series for adults, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to ask our voracious readers for help. And wow, did they come through!

How We Determined Which Book Series Made the List

We had almost 300 readers share their favorite adult book series and why they loved it.

We sorted through all the results and narrowed down the list based on the books that had multiple recommendations from different readers. You’ll see a mix of the most popular book series for adults and some lesser-known surprises!

Notes About Reading In Order vs. Stand-Alones

Each series has an entry, below, that includes everything you’ll need to pick a good book series that matches your reading preferences. For example, we note whether each book is a stand-alone, sequential series, or somewhere in between.

With a stand-alone series, you can pick up any book and read it without reading the prior installments. A sequential series means that the books must be read in order. For example, the end of each book has a cliffhanger that isn’t resolved until the next book. Or maybe certain aspects of the novel won’t make sense without knowing the backstory.

We also included the number of books currently available in each series. After that, you’ll find links to the first book and most recent book available.  

A Note About Ratings

As we researched good book series for adults, one common thread emerged regardless of the genre. The second book is usually rated higher than the first.

While several factors probably play into that phenomenon, keep it in mind if you’re debating whether to continue reading a series after book one. Because you and the author both already know the characters, the second might be a more enjoyable read.

The Best Book Series According to Our Readers

Everyone on our email list had an opportunity to submit their favorite series for this post. If you’d like to share your favorite reads for future reader favorite posts, sign up for our newsletter below!

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Saturday 12th of August 2023

Thank you for this list. I just found your blog and will book mark it. Of the list, I've read a few of the series. Maisie Dobbs is an absolute favorite! I absolutely love how she is such a flawed yet self aware heroine who grows tremendously throughout the series. I found useful tips for my own emotional growth. I look forward to checking out some of the others.

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