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We look forward to summer for many reasons, but high on the list is Emily Henry. We both devoured Beach Read back in 2020, and ever since she’s been a staple of our summer TBRs. While many of her recent titles have become household names among book lovers, she also has a backlist of books you might have missed.

With the recent release of her latest novel, we’ve seen a lot of questions popping up about whether you need to read Emily Henry books in order or whether any of her books are connected. We’re here to answer those questions and give you a synopsis of each of her books in order of publication!

Emily Henry Books in Order of Publication

Before Emily Henry became a household name among rom com fans, she wrote young adult fiction that blended themes of romance, magical realism, science fiction, and mystery.

Since the 2020 release of Beach Read, Henry says she’s been intentionally about writing books that give readers a “mini vacation.” While all of her books don’t necessarily feature travel, she channels the “felling of being on vacation” in her work. While she draws upon many classic romance tropes in her work, she is also skilled at crafting realistic, three-dimensional characters with lives and challenges outside whatever romance they’ve found.

The Love That Split the World book cover

Book Summary

After graduating high school, Natalie is enjoying her final summer in her small Kentucky hometown when she starts to get glimpses of an alternate reality. Soon these visions escalate from a quick snippet of her front door painted a different color than normal, to more dramatic and prolonged experiences, like her entire town disappearing for hours, replaced by rolling hills and grazing buffalo.

Natalie is visited by an apparition who tells her: “You have three months to save him.” The next night, under the lights of her high school’s football field, she meets a boy named Beau.

These teens are the only two who can see two different versions of their small town. Reaching through time, they work together in an attempt to solve the mystery of their magical connection before time runs out.

The Book Girls Say…

This debut novel is described as Friday Night Lights meets The Time Traveler’s Wife.

A Million Junes book cover

Book Summary

June O’Donnell’s parents have always been very specific about one rule – stay away from the Angert family. Trusting her late-father’s wishes, June never questioned the source of the century-old feud. So imagine her surprise when she literally collides with Saul Angert and feels an immediate spark between them.

The O’Donnells and the Angerts have mythic legacies, but the founding families of Five Fingers, Michigan, never speak of the rift that drove them apart. Now, it seems that the magic, ghosts, and coywolves of the town are conspiring to reveal the truth to June and Saul about the curse that has plagued their bloodlines.

The Book Girls Say…

Readers say that this magical take on a classic Romeo and Juliet story has major Gothic vibes. This YA novel is available as a Book of the Month pick.

When the Sky Fell on Splendor book cover

Book Summary

When the local steel mill exploded, it affected everyone in the small town of Splendor. If you weren’t a victim of the accident, chances are that someone you love was. Seventeen-year-old Fanny, for example, has spent the five years since the accident waiting for her brother to wake up from his coma.

Fanny’s only escape from her grief is her group of friends (they call themselves “The Ordinary”) who spend their free time exploring local ghost stories and legends while filming it all for their small YouTube following. But one night truth becomes stranger than fiction when the friends film a bright light hurtling toward the Earth and go to investigate the crash site.

The Book Girls Say…

Readers praise the balance of the supernatural with the real-world topics of grief and friendship.

Hello Girls book cover

Book Summary

Winona Olsen and Lucille Pryce have both been living with big secrets. Winona’s life with her celebrity weatherman father seems to be picture-perfect. But know one knows that he leaves her with unnoticed bruises and locks the pantry to control her eating.

Lucille has been scraping together her waitressing tips to meet her mother’s needs and feels trapped by her drug-dealing brother.

Their friendship is forged one night outside the local police station where both are deciding whether to report their families. The two decide that they can’t wait until graduation to start their new lives, so they leave Michigan bound for Vegas with just three thousand dollars and a stolen convertible.

The Book Girls Say…

If you enjoy a good road trip story with a healthy dose of revenge, then this coming-of-age novel might just be for you.

Beach Read book cover

Book Summary

Best-selling romance novelist January Andrews is suffering extreme writer’s block after finding out her parents weren’t the perfect couple she thought they were. 

When she retreats to her dad’s secret Lake Michigan beach house in a last-ditch effort to meet her next book deadline as a romance writer, she finds another distraction instead. 

Her college English department rival lives next door and is suffering from his own bout of writer’s block. 

The Book Girls Say…

If you love this novel as much as we do, then you’ll want to read the bonus epilogue, titled The Layover, on Emily Henry’s website. Or you can pre-order the gorgeous hardcover colletor’s edition of Beach Read that will include the epilogue.

People We Meet on Vacation book cover

Book Summary

Poppy and Alex became unexpected best friends on a car share ride home from college, but they have nothing in common. Poppy is an extroverted wild child and Alex is a pragmatic introvert. As the years go by, Poppy has a good life in New York City while Alex remains in their small hometown. For the next decade, the duo reunites each summer for a glorious week of vacation together.

But two years ago, everything changed. They haven’t spoken since. Poppy has everything she could want in life, but she feels discontent and realizes the last time she was truly happy was her last trip with Alex.

In a desperate attempt to find joy again, she contacts Alex hoping for one more trip to make everything right.

The Book Girls Say…

The book pops between present-day and past trips, and it’s perfect when you’re craving a chick-lit romance reminiscent of When Harry Met Sally.

Book Lovers Book Cover

Book Summary

Book Lovers is about a literary agent named Nora. When Nora’s younger sister, Libby, begs her to take a month-long summer trip to a small town in North Carolina, she envisions all the possible romance novel tropes that could happen in her own life. Why couldn’t she run into a handsome country doctor and find her happily ever after?

Instead, Nora runs into Charlie, a brooding editor she has encountered several times back in the city. While neither of them is the ideal heroine or hero, they kept being thrown together in unlikely situations and must confront the stories they’d told themselves about who they are.

The Book Girls Say…

Despite having threads of romance, all of Emily Henry’s books have characters with real-life baggage and flaws. Book Lovers gives us a strong sister relationship and insight into Nora’s work, making her a well-rounded lead.

Book Summary

Picture-perfect couple Harriet and Wyn met in college and have been an inspirational duo ever since. But, as their annual week-long Maine vacation with their best friends approaches, they have a big decision to make. Do they finally confess that they broke up six months ago and still haven’t managed to tell their best friends?

The cottage they visit each year is being sold, and it’s the last time they’ll all be together in their sacred spot. It feels wrong to ruin the whole mood with their bad news. So Harriet and Wyn decide they can surely fake being in love for one week. After all, they’ve had years of practice.

This book alternates between chapters titled “Happy Place,” through which you see Harriet and Wyn’s relationship from and grow through the years, and chapters titled “Real Life” where you see them in their current broken-up status.

The Book Girls Say…

Happy Place tackles one of our favorite rom com tropes – fake dating. We absolutely loved the vivid descriptions of Maine that captured not only the sights but also the tastes and smells!

Emily Henry’s New Book for 2024

Funny Story book cover

Book Summary

After Daphne makes a big move to her fiancé Peter’s lakeside hometown, he turns her future upside down by discovering he’s actually in love with Petra, his childhood best friend. Now, Daphne is stuck in a new town with no friends. She at least has her dream job as a children’s librarian (which barely covers her bills).

When Daphne needs a roommate, she comes up with Miles, the only other person who can understand her recent heartbreak. Miles was engaged to Petra before Peter moved back to town.

Daphne and Miles mostly avoid each other until they decide to team up and begin posting misleading photos of their summer adventures together. As they partake in fake adventures, surely Daphne won’t fall for her ex-fiancé’s new fiancée’s ex, right?

The Book Girls Say…

Loyal readers may find it interesting to know that Emily Henry says that, of all the male main characters she has written, Miles is the most like her own husband.

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Do you need to read Emily Henry’s books in order?

No, each of Emily Henry’s books reads as a standalone. There are no common characters among her various novels, and no continuous storylines, so her novels can be read in any order.

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About Emily Henry

Emily Henry is the New York Times best selling author of contemporary romantic comedies. Born in 1990, she grew up in Ohio and Kentucky. She studied creative writing at Hope College and the New York Center for Art and Media Studies. Before becoming a published novelist, she worked as a technical writer. She would wake up at 5 a.m. to work on her fiction writing before starting work, and dedicated her weekends to her novels as well.

Although her books are set in a variety of locations around the US, she writes from her home in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she lives with her husband and dog.


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