Books Like Red, White and Royal Blue

If you’re looking for more books like Red, White and Royal Blue, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve curated a list of book recommendations you’re sure to love. It includes both adult and YA titles with similar rom-com vibes and LGBTQIA+ main characters, as well as royal fiction books.

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Many of us grew up seeing ourselves represented in the pages of books, often unaware that so many of our friends and neighbors couldn’t relate to the same books in the same ways. We’re thrilled that as we’ve gotten older, contemporary fiction is becoming more diverse in every way. It’s a win on two levels. 

First, so many are finally seeing their culture, their abilities, or who they love represented in what they read. Beyond that, our own world can be broadened when we choose to read these books. It’s too easy to form opinions about the unknown that are often inaccurate. But sitting down with either a real person or a book to get a deeper understanding can change everything.

The books on this list are all fairly light and entertaining. At the same time, they support our belief that everyone deserves to find love and happiness. The world of books isn’t perfect yet, but we’re glad it’s been moving in a more inclusive direction.

What is Red, White, and Royal Blue About?

If you haven’t yet read Red, White, and Royal Blue, it’s a witty and heart-warming LGBTQ+ book about not being afraid to be yourself. The main characters are Alex, the early 20s son of the US President, and Prince Henry, the 2nd in line to the British Throne. Alex considers Henry his nemesis, and the two get into an embarrassing scuffle during a royal wedding.

In order to calm the press and convince them the sons of the US & England aren’t foes, Alex and Henry agree to appear as friends over the course of several months. After spending more time together, and exchanging many amusing text messages, Alex realizes there is much more to Henry than he assumed.

This book brilliantly covers many of the best rom-com tropes. Themes include enemies to lovers, not judging a book by its cover, and parental expectations. It is NOT a YA read, so expect some adult language and scenes.

Casey McQuiston, the author of Red, White & Royal Blue, is an OwnVoices author. The same can be said for the majority of the authors on this list.

The Best LGBTQ+ Books Like Red, White, and Royal Blue

Boyfriend Material book cover

Book Summary

Bitter Luc O’Donnell has excess emotional baggage after growing up in the shadow of a distant B-list celeb father and eccentric mom. While his parents aren’t in charge of a country, he still has to deal with paparazzi complicating his life. 

When Luc’s job at a charity is endangered after incriminating photos of him are posted online, he has to re-make his image from party boy to “the right kind of gay” by coming up with a stable boyfriend. He knows he’s not ready for a real relationship, but could he sustain a fake relationship long enough to get through a fundraiser?

The Book Girls Say…

This was one of Melissa’s favorite books of 2020, and the closest thing she’s read that captures both the fun banter and heart of finding yourself that makes Red, White, and Royal Blue such a good read. We can’t wait for the sequel, Husband Material, to find out how Luc is doing now! The narration is excellent and adds to the book, so we recommend that format if audiobooks are something you enjoy.

This is an OwnVoices rom-com with author Alexis self-described as a “Genrequeer writer of kissing books.”

Kindle Unlimited as of: 01/31/2024
Charm Offensive book cover

Book Summary

As the producer of the long-running reality dating show, Ever After, Dev always scripts the perfect love stories for his contestants, but he hasn’t yet been able to do the same for himself.

When Charlie Winshaw – a disgraced tech genius – is cast as the next star of Ever After, Dev has his work cut out for him. Unlike Dev, who has always believed in fairy tales, Charlie doesn’t believe in true love and only agrees to the show in hopes of rehabbing his image. He’s far from a natural on camera, and behind the scenes, he’s cold and awkward.

As they travel the world filming the show, Dev tries desperately to get Charlie to connect with the contestants. Instead, Charlie discovers that he has better chemistry with Dev than with his female co-stars. But it’s not so simple to flip the script on reality tv. Whose love story will get told?

The Book Girls Say…

If Red, White, and Royal Blue left you smiling, this heartwarming and charming rom-com will have the same effect! We’re also looking forward to reading Alison Cochurn’s upcoming female-female rom-com, Kiss Her Once for Me

Author Alison Cochrun is a gay woman who loves hate-watching The Bachelor. She teaches high school English in Portland, Oregon.

I Kissed Shara Wheeler book cover

Book Summary

Chloe is focused on one final accomplishment to finish her senior year at Willowgrove Christian Academy – winning Valedictorian. Her only competitor is the principal’s perfect prom queen daughter – Shara.

Then, with only a month until graduation, Shara kisses Chloe and disappears. Before vanishing, she’s also kissed Smith, her long-time boyfriend who is the school’s quarterback, and Rory, her bad-boy neighbor. Shara left cryptic notes behind, forcing the unlikely trio of Chloe, Smith, and Rory to work together. Chloe wants Shara to return so she can win the Valedictorian title fairly.

You’ll laugh at the situations the trio gets themself into trying to find Shara, while having your hearts warmed by the growing friendships and relationships along the way. 

The Book Girls Say…

This 2022 release from the author of Red, White, and Royal Blue has received great reviews! Like their character Chloe, Casey attended a Christian high school as a queer & non-binary teenager. If you loved Casey’s writing and strong characters, be sure to consider this one. 

You may also enjoy her 2nd novel, One Last Stop, which is also a sapphic romance.

Kindle Unlimited as of: 01/31/2024
It Had to Be You book cover

Book Summary

For twenty years, Liv has run a successful NYC wedding-planning business with her husband, Eliot. When he dies unexpectedly, Liv is shocked to learn that he’s left his half of the business to his young girlfriend, whom Liv knew nothing about. Much to Liv’s chagrin, perky Savannah shows up on her doorstep, eager to be her partner and protege.

As Liv and Savannah struggle to find a way to work together, they each find new love in unexpected places. In addition to Liv and Savannah, we are introduced to many of the wedding vendors that they work with – the florists, caterers, servers, and musicians. In a Love Actually-style narrative, this book follows each of them as they navigate love and friendship, and we see their lives overlap at weddings throughout the city.

The Book Girls Say…

With five different storylines, we were worried that we’d be left feeling like we didn’t get enough of any of them, but the characters were very well developed and the way that each couple was woven throughout the book left us feeling very satisfied! This book was especially lovely in its representation of so many different types of love stories!

If you’d like to learn more about this OwnVoices novelist, check out our 2021 interview with her here.

Only Mostly Devastated book cover

Book Summary

This YA book has been described as a boy-meets-boy spin on Grease. Will and Ollie had a dreamy-summer fling, but after vacation, Will stopped texting Ollie back. 

When Ollie’s family has an emergency that causes them to move across the country, Ollie is excited to learn that his new school is the same one that Will attends. Unfortunately, Ollie soon discovers that the sweet, comfortably queer guy he met that summer isn’t quite the same at his school. Instead, Will is not only closeted, but also a class clown and a bit of a jerk.

Ollie is disappointed by this version of Will but doesn’t want to waste his time pining after someone who isn’t ready for a real relationship. Ollie has no interest in getting his heart broken all over again. But when Will starts showing up everywhere Ollie goes, it makes it hard for Ollie to stand his ground.

The Book Girls Say…

If you’re looking for a closed-door rom-com with Red, White, and Royal Blue and Clueless vibes, this is a great pick. The on-page content is limited to some kissing and vague reference to sexual activity. In discussing the book’s appropriateness for teen readers, the author notes that there is some swearing, including the F word, but it only occurs a few times throughout the book.

Sophie Gonzales is a queer YA romance author from Australia (though she has yet to set one of her books Down Under). She says that because she grew up reading books with male protagonists, she’s most comfortable writing the male point of view. Her latest novel, Perfect on Paper, is her first told from the POV of a female protagonist.

Kindle Unlimited as of: 01/31/2024
Autoboyography book cover

Book Summary

We are huge fans of writing duo Christina Lauren, so we were surprised to discover this YA title from them that we hadn’t heard of before. 

Tanner Scott’s family relocated from progressive California to conservative Utah three years ago. Life in Provo (home to BYU) is complicated enough as a half-Jewish, half-lapsed Mormon teenager, so Tanner – who was openly bisexual at his previous school, decides to go back into the closet at Provo High. Now, in his senior year, he is looking forward to attending an out-of-state college next year, where he can once again feel free to be himself.

He fully intends to coast through his final semester of high school classes, until his best friend, Autumn, dares him to take a prestigious honors seminar where students draft an entire book in just four months. And his final semester plans are pushed even further off track when Tanner finds himself falling in love with Sebastian Brother, the class mentor who sold his seminar novel to a major publishing house the year before. He’s also the son of an LDS Bishop.

The Book Girls Say…

This young adult novel is a mostly closed-door romance. Some reviewers say this book felt too much like a predictable romance in the initial chapters, but as the plot moves forward, multiple points of conflict make it a very engaging read. 

Christina Lauren is the pen name for long-time writing partners Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings. Christina is a former middle school counselor in her home state of Utah, and Lauren, a Ph.D. and mother of two in California, identifies as bisexual. In an interview, the authors described doing extensive research for Autoboyography, including reading the diaries of a friend who came out as gay after his LDS mission.

Speak No Evil book cover

Book Summary

If you want another look inside the world of Washington insiders and LGBTQ struggles in the form of a drama rather than a rom-com, Speak No Evil paints a vivid picture of modern-day adolescence. 

Best friends Niru and Meredith are privileged teenagers growing up in Washington D.C. but come from very different backgrounds. Niru appears to lead a very charmed life. He’s a track star at his prestigious private school, and after graduation, he is Harvard-bound. He has very attentive Nigerian parents, but he’s keeping a big secret from them – one that conflicts with their conservative views. Niru is gay.

Meredith – the daughter of two prominent Washington insiders – is the only one who knows Niru’s secret. But when Niru’s dad discovers that he’s gay, Meredith doesn’t lend Niru the support she knows he needs because she’s emotionally drained from dealing with her own troubles.

The Book Girls Say…

In addition to addressing gender and sexual orientation, this young adult novel also deals with race, class, and immigration.

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Love & Other Disasters book cover

Book Summary

As we saw in Red, White, and Royal Blue, everything is amplified when you’re living life in public view. When London Parker is selected as one of the contestants on a popular cooking show, they become the first openly non-binary contestant and are determined to prove their worth to all the trolls. 

Dahlia is also a contestant and has joined the show in an attempt to re-invent herself and is determined to win the prize money. However, she’s off to a klutzy start and sends fish tacos flying in the first episode. While London & Dahlia are focused competitors in the kitchen, things begin heating up behind the scenes.

The Book Girls Say…

As we saw in Red, White, and Royal Blue, everything is amplified when you’re living life in public view. When London Parker is selected as one of the contestants on a popular cooking show, they become the first openly non-binary contestant and are determined to prove their worth to all the trolls. 

Dahlia is also a contestant and has joined the show in an attempt to re-invent herself and is determined to win the prize money. However, she’s off to a klutzy start and sends fish tacos flying in the first episode. While London & Dahlia are focused competitors in the kitchen, things begin heating up behind the scenes.

Everything for You book cover

Book Summary

This slow-burn enemies-to-lovers romance tells the story of beloved star soccer captain Oliver Bergman and his grumpy teammate Gavin. When Gavin joins the team, he plans to avoid the gorgeous and sunshine-y Oliver. Oliver would be equally happy not dealing with moody Gavin, but decides to take the approach of killing him with kindness. 

When the coach makes them co-captains and demands they work together, they discover the hatred they felt for each other may have been covering different feelings. Gruff Gavin may be just who Oliver needs in his life.

The Book Girls Say…

While this is a stand-alone book, it is #5 in the Bergman Brothers series. Each book is the love story of one of the siblings. You’ll be able to follow this book reading it first, however there may be spoilers as you see who each brother from the previous books ends up with. So, if you think you’ll be interested in the full series, we’d recommend starting at the beginning.

Author Chloe Liese is neurodivergent and believes everyone deserves a love story.

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Georgia Peaches & Other Forbidden Fruit book cover

Book Summary

Prince Henry is closeted to support the royal family, and in this book, Joanna is asked to be closeted to support her family as well. In this case, her dad is a popular radio evangelist. He was fine with her being out in Atlanta, but when he moves the family to a more rural conservative town, he asks her to lie low for the remainder of her senior year. 

She knows it will be easier to fit in as the new kid if she’s a straight girl, so isn’t opposed to hiding a part of herself to make life smoother. It’s going well until she meets Mary Carlson, her new friend’s sister. She doesn’t want to break the promise to her dad, but it gets complicated as she falls for the girl.

The Book Girls Say…

This YA novel provides great insight into the complicated decision that LGBTQ+ youth (and adults) face. It’s written by an OwnVoices author, which adds to the authenticity of Joanna’s feelings about the decision.

Jaye Robin Brown’s new release – Five Months or Forever – is her first adult novel. It’s a sapphic romance that is described as “sweet with a dab of heat.”

Change of Heart book cover

Book Summary

Set in the Scottish Highlands, this fake dating rom com goes deeper into a drama as the story progresses. In the early chapters, you’ll see Erin desperately hiring a fake date for her parent’s big anniversary party. 

The gorgeous hired date, Steph, turns out to be as charming as she is beautiful. When Erin encounters some unexpected family stress, she leans on Steph as she tries to make it through the five-day trip. From sizzling first kisses to simmering family drama, this one has a bit of everything! 

The Book Girls Say…

Author Clare Lydon has been called the queen of British romantic comedies, making her a perfect match for Red, White, & Royal Blue fans! She has five full-length contemporary lesbian romances, so if you enjoy the writing style of Change of Heart, be sure to check out her back catalog!

Heartstopper book cover

Book Summary

This graphic novel is the first in a series set at a British all-boys school. Charlie is openly gay, and has been bullied for it in the past after being outed before he was ready. Unfortunately, that experience didn’t help his high-strung nature. 

Nick is a soft-hearted rugby player who knows of Charlie’s bullying the year before. After sitting next to him in a class, he befriends Charlie, and the friendship stirs up unexpected emotions in each of them. Like Red, White, & Royal Blue, you’ll see the relationship grow over text messages as they try to figure out who they are both apart and as a duo.

The Book Girls Say…

Readers consistently refer to this story, and Charlie and Nick, as adorable and sweet. If you’re looking for a heartfelt story and open to a graphic novel, this is one to consider!

Alice Oseman (she/they) is both the author and illustrator of the Heartstopper series. These graphic novels have also been adapted into a live-action Netflix drama that has been picked up for seasons 2 and 3.

Love Hate & Clickbait book cover

Book Summary

Thom is a cut-throat political consultant working on the presidential campaign of California’s governor. Although they’re on the same campaign, smug data analyst Clay makes Thom crazy. When a photographer snaps a photo of them in a heated argument, it looks like they’re kissing instead of fighting. 

Instead of correcting the reporters, the governor asks the duo to fake a relationship and give the people the love story they want. As a professional, Thom agrees to do what’s best for the campaign, but it’s painful. At least at first. Could there be deeper feelings buried under all the animosity?

The Book Girls Say…

If you loved feeling like a political insider in the middle of a rom-com, this 2022 release is a great pick!

Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda book cover

Book Summary

This hugely popular and highly rated YA novel is a charming and witty coming-of-age story. The main character Simon is gay, but not openly. After an email that would out him to the school falls into the wrong hands, he’s blackmailed into playing wingman for classmate Martin. But worse than that, he wouldn’t only be outing himself by refusing. The boy he’s been emailing, nicknamed Blue, would be outed too. 

The emails with Blue have been more and more flirtatious, and Simon has to find a way to break out of his comfort zone before he’s forced out. But he doesn’t want to upset his friends or lose his chance for happiness with Blue along the way.

The Book Girls Say…

For this one, you’ll have to trust us that there is a tie into Red, White, and Royal Blue beyond the two male leads. We don’t want to point out all the connections because it would be a spoiler for those who haven’t read RW&RByet!

Read Between the Lines book cover

Book Summary

This hate-to-love romance is perfect for fans of the classic 90s rom-com, You’ve Got Mail. Rosie loves books and has taken over her mom’s Manhattan bookstore. She loves her work, but is lacking in the romance department. However, she’s hopeful that her growing online flirtations with lesbian romance author Brie could turn into something more.

Jane works for her family’s property development company by day, but at night writes steamy romance under the pen name Brie as her creative outlet. She’s also single and wonders if a certain reader could be her perfect match.

As you may have predicted, Jane’s company terminates the lease for Rosie’s bookstore, and drama ensues. This storyline is classic for a reason, and it works just as well with two strong female leads!

The Book Girls Say…

There is a second book in this series, No Rings Attached, that is set in another of our favorite cities – London.

Kindle Unlimited as of: 01/29/2024

Royal Fiction for Fans of Red, White, and Royal Blue

Royal We book cover

Book Summary

If you loved getting a looking at the lives of a fictional royal family in RW&RB, and enjoyed the American-British relationship dynamics, then we highly recommend the Royal We, and it’s sequel, The Heir Affair

When American Rebecca (Bex) Porter moves to the UK to attend Oxford University, she’s shocked to discover that she’s living down the hall from Prince Nicholas, the future king of England. Living in close quarters allows Bex to get to know the real Nick – the person behind the title. 

When their friendship develops into more, Bex is thrust into a ritzy world of society events, exclusive ski trips, and dinners at Kensington Palace. But the glamour comes with loads of baggage – from intrusive tabloids and ex-girlfriends to long-held royal family secrets.

How much is Bex willing to sacrifice for Nick? Will the pressures of the Crown ultimately come between them?

The Book Girls Say…

Angela absolutely loved this book and the sequel! Many reviewers describe the books as Will and Kate fan fiction, but the authors also seem to have predicted some of the Harry and Meghan drama before it happened. 

These books are full of fun and fantasy, but they also dig deeper than many fictional royal reads by addressing heavier topics. 

Specifying any trigger warnings would spoil the storylines, but go in knowing that it’s not all fluff.

American Royals book cover

Book Summary

Can you imagine if George Washington had become the King of America instead of President? This clever fiction series takes that alternative-history premise and fast-forwards it to the present day. 

RW&RB features the First Son of an American President, and the second in line to the British throne – both of whom are under enormous pressure to keep up appearances and to put the good of the country above their own desires. American Royals explores these same themes as the King’s three children struggle to find love – and themselves – while trying to live up to the expectations of both Crown and country. 

Princess Beatrice, the heir apparent, will become America’s first queen, but the expectations that she grew up embracing suddenly feel stifling when her parents start pushing her to get married. 

And then there are Beatrice’s younger siblings – twins Samantha and Jefferson. Samantha is second in line to the throne, but feels like the “spare” – the one no one cares about except when she’s breaking the rules. 

Had Jefferson been born a generation earlier, he would be next in line for the throne as the only son, but the new laws of succession instead put him third in line. Nonetheless, America adores this heart-throb prince. But having the eyes of the entire country watching and judging his relationships is a huge burden. He has two very different young women vying for his heart, but how will public opinion weigh in?

The Book Girls Say…

While the books in this series are often categorized as young adult fiction, Princess Beatrice – the future queen – is 21-years old, which is about the same age as First Son Alex in Red, White, and Royal Blue

This is a continuous series, but the third book was recently released, so you won’t have to wait years for the conclusion! Second in the series is Majesty, followed by the newly released Rivals. There’s also a prequel novella, titled Inheritance.

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Is There Be a Red, White, and Royal Blue Movie?

Yes! The highly-rated movie Red, White, and Royal Blue was released in 2023 and is available for streaming on Amazon.

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