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Downton Abbey Fan? You’ll Like These Books

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It’s rare that a beloved TV series like Downton Abbey can take a long break and then debut a movie that still captures everything wonderful about the show.

But they did a fabulous job! In fact, after enjoying the movie, we started back at square one with the Crawley family withdrawals that happened after the TV run ended.

As with most things in life, we realized our craving to escape into upstairs / downstairs life on the English estate could be solved with a good book.

We set out to find books similar to Downton Abbey in different ways. Some are strong historical fiction with rich characters while others focus on the juxtaposition between the rich and those who serve them.

11 Books to Read If You Love Downton Abbey

Whether you were drawn to the old-school nature of Lord Grantham, the Dowager Countess, & Mr. Carson or the emerging new thoughts of Sybil, Tom, Isobel, we’ve collected fiction books like Downton Abbey that we think you’ll love!

And if you were most drawn to the characters learning to bridge the gap between past and future like Mary, Matthew, Daisy, and Cora, we’ve got a recommendation for you too!

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Books for Downton Abbey Fans

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