Books About the Royal Family for Fans of The Crown

Like all the fans of the Netflix series, The Crown, we have been eagerly awaiting the release of season 6. After the introduction of Princess Diana and Margaret Thatcher, we can’t see how the next phase of history plays out on the screen. If you’re like us, and you can’t get enough of the British Royal Family, we hope you find these books to read after watching The Crown helpful.

Three angled black and white book covers featuring books for fans of The Crown. The center image reads Queen of Our Times.

Regal Reads About Queen Elizabeth and the Windsors

These regal reads include both non-fiction and historical fiction about the House of Windsor. Some of these books for fans of The Crown are about the Royals themselves, while others provide insights into the lives of those who serve and support them. Several books on the list also delve into royal fashion and architecture.

Like so many around the world, we’re mourning the recent loss of Queen Elizabeth. We originally put this list together in 2020 after enjoying The Crown, but it includes non-fiction books about Queen Elizabeth to help you learn more about her remarkable life, from serious topics to commemorating her impeccable fashion.

Books to Read if You Love The Crown

Non-Fiction Royal Reads

Historial Fiction About the Windsors


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