Halloween Romance Books and Rom Coms

As Halloween approaches, September and October are the perfect months to pick up some fun ghost love stories and witchy rom books! We curated a list of highly rated Halloween romance book recommendations to fill your TBR. These novels offer the perfect escape between your deeper fall reads.

Ghost Romance Books & Rom Coms

The romantic relationships in paranormal romance novels can include vampires or shapeshifters, but rather than including these darker paranormal romance titles, we’ve curated a list that highlights the rom coms and lighter ghost love story books that we most enjoy.

Book Summary

Constance is a yes-woman. She loans her best friend money, takes on extra responsibilities at work without a raise, and then says yes again when her boyfriend, Hayden, proposes. Outside of work and her relationship, Constance is an active volunteer at the local animal shelter. When she was younger, she planned to be a veterinarian but then switched gears to become a paralegal after her father was convicted of murder.

As Constance plans her wedding, she’s filled with anxiety about the future. She finds a great distraction when she begins researching the history of her antique engagement ring. When she finds the name of a WW1 soldier connected to the ring, she hopes to discover his story. At the library, she uncovers letters written by the long-dead man. She’s so touched that she journals a note back to him confessing her doubts.

When she returns to the library to continue reading, she’s shocked to find a note back from the long-dead man. The letters continue, and soon she’s falling in love with a ghost at the potential expense of her current relationship.

The Book Girls Say…

This is a great pick if you gravitate towards contemporary fiction more than romance. While the romance is important to the story, it’s also a slow-building relationship. Overall, it’s a touching novel with plenty of non-romance themes, including friendship, animal rescue, found friendship, mystery and a historical aspect.

Book Summary

In the Scottish Highlands, the heir of Cavendish House, a medieval Scottish castle, is looking for a house sitter. Corrine thinks taking the job is the perfect opportunity to not only stay on an amazing estate but to be close to her Scottish Skype buddy, Christopher.

However, when she arrives, the castle is a mess. Ivy has taken over the outside. The inside is still filled with the contents of the deceased owner…and he was a hoarder. The mess isn’t the only surprise waiting for Corrine. The house is already inhabited by the handsome, but stubborn, heir named Branson.

Branson doesn’t want Corrine in the house, but he also needs help making the house inhabitable before it’s auctioned off to the highest bidder. He’s desperate to save the castle and keep it in the family. This will be even harder than they expect as it turns out the house is a bit haunted.

Kindle Unlimited as of: 09/03/2023

Book Summary

Florence Day is a romance ghostwriter who no longer believes in romance. She has spent her career as the ghostwriter for one of the most well-known romance writers in the industry. But after a recent breakup with a man who took advantage of her trust and destroyed her self-esteem, she no longer believes in love and can’t seem to write about it either.

With a major deadline looming, her career is in serious danger. Then she gets a call from home that shifts her priorities.

She had an unusual, but very happy childhood growing up in a funeral home in a small South Carolina town. However, a controversy when she was a teen caused her to flee for college and never turn back. However, after the phone call, she has no choice but to return home for the first time in a decade.

On her first night back, she finds a ghost standing on the front porch of her family’s funeral home. Florence was already convinced that romance is dead… but this complicates things further.

The Book Girls Say…

Angela downloaded this audiobook on a whim last October because she saw a few recommendations for it right before boarding a cross-country flight. She knew nothing about the plot, and thank goodness, because terms like ‘paranormal romance’ and ‘ghost love story’ would have scared her away. And then she would have missed out on one of her favorite books of the year! She binged the entire book in two days, and couldn’t stop smiling the whole time.

This story is unique and will keep you on your toes. Despite the romance genre getting a bad rap for being predictable, this book is anything but that.

Book Summary

Hattie’s mom is the stern headmaster at Northanger Abbey High School, which is said to be the most haunted school in the United States. The school leans into the reputation, even offering ghost-hunting scholarships. Hattie used to enjoy ghost hunting with her father, but since he passed away, she no longer believes in ghosts and instead is focused on being an overachiever to get her busy mom’s attention, all while keeping her little brother in line.

When Hattie is partnered with a new student, Kit, to investigate the school’s paranormal activity, she’s ready to prove that ghosts aren’t real. But the more time she spends with Kit, the more she feels like she’s ready to believe in life again.

The Book Girls Say…

Jane Austen fans might recognize the story as a modern, gender-reversed retelling of the classic, Northanger Abbey. While reviewers say this is the cute rom com they expected, it also digs a bit deeper at times and deals with the character’s ongoing grief after the loss of her father.

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Cozy Fall Romance Books & Rom Coms

Book Summary

Sabrina is not happy to be returning home to the Wisconsin Dells, otherwise known as the Waterpark Capital of the World. But it’s not the town she’s been avoiding. It’s the Monroe family curse. The women in her family can see spirits who need help with unfinished business. The only ghost Sabrina doesn’t mind is Molly, who is bubbly, loves rom coms, and was a great friend to Sabrina throughout her childhood.

Ray is a charming restauranteur who invites Sabrina to his supper club. While it’s not terrible that he’s flirting with her over Brandy Old Fashioneds, she is much more concerned with getting a job than a boyfriend. Although, Ray’s kindness toward rescue dogs and talent in the kitchen are nice bonuses on top of his handsomeness.

Sabrina is still worried about the spirits that follow her, but maybe with Ray, she could find joy.

The Book Girls Say…

Foodie fiction lovers will enjoy the delicious descriptions of food throughout this romance.

Book cover for Trouble in Mudbug

Book Summary

Scientist Maryse had a rude and manipulative mother-in-law who used her wealth to rule the small town of Mudbug. Maryse thought when Helena passed away, her life would get easier, and she could finally divorce the husband she had been estranged from. Unfortunately, death didn’t slow down Helena, and she’s still now she’s haunting Maryse in a new way.

DEA agent Luc has been sent to investigate why someone would want to kill a sexy scientist named Maryse. As he tries to protect her from harm, keeping his own secrets gets harder as he gets to know the brainy beauty.

The Book Girls Say…

Readers say this cozy mystery kept them entertained, especially the ghost of Helena. But don’t worry, we know this is a rom-com list, and you’ll get romance too! Reviewers range from saying it has light romance all the way to calling it steamy. If you enjoy the town of Mudbug, there are five more books after this one.

Happily Haunted Afters green book cover

Book Summary

This spooky, spicy standalone small-town romantic comedy follows Emma as she tries to make a big change. She’s searching for an investor to help her restore a run-down hotel in the middle of nowhere.

Her former best friend, Jack, might be just the guy she needs to help with the project. The only problem is that they haven’t talked in five years, which explains why she didn’t know that Jack already had a plan for the property. In between the creepy dolls and scary noises, Emma and Jack consider becoming business partners…and then so much more.

Kindle Unlimited as of: 09/04/2023

Book Summary

Fans of both mysteries and southern romance will love this ghost story set in New Orleans. Nola has purchased her first fixer upper, but she has an unexpected problem when the former owners don’t seem ready to leave. Nola didn’t get her step-mom’s ability to communicate with ghosts, but she knows someone else in town who can.

But, she hoped to never see Beau Ryan again. He has his own dark past, including the disappearance of his parents and sister during Hurricane Katrina. Unfortunately, Nola believes he is the only one who can help her solve the mystery of the restless spirits in her house.

The Book Girls Say…

Readers say that while some of the mysteries are tied up in this book, others will make you want to reach for the sequel, The House on Prytania, right away.

Book Summary

Like Charles Dicken’s Scrooge, seventeen-year-old Holly received a Christmas Eve visit from three ghosts who showed her how selfish and spoiled she’d become. Unlike Scrooge, she was unconvinced, and she did not change her ways. Then, she died.

She’s now stuck working for the top-secret company called Project Scrooge, where she serves as the new Ghost of Christmas Past. Each year she helps the company as they attempt to save another miserly grouch. Despite helping many people, she remains miserable – watching as her family and friends go on living while she stays frozen at seventeen, unable to interact with them. But the Scrooge she’s been assigned to help reform this year may change everything.

The Book Girls Say…

The Afterlife of Holly Chase is the perfect ghost love story to pick up between Halloween and Christmas!

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Witch Romance Books

The next section of perfect romance books to read for Halloween all feature a witch. Grab your broomstick and favorite brew and cozy up with a magic-filled witchy rom com!

Bad luck charm book cover

Book Summary

Gwen owns an occult shop in Salem that the police think is being targeted by evildoers after a small animal appears to have been sacrificed outside. She normally has a charmed life and sunny outlook, but suddenly finds herself dealing with crazed pagans, rogue employees, and nefarious henchmen.

Graham is a private investigator and police consultant who focuses on objective facts. But when Gwendolyn is in trouble, their mutual dislike suddenly begins to sizzle into something he doesn’t understand.

Enchanted to Meet You Book Cover

Book Summary

As a teenager, Jessica cast a love spell that went so wrong it earned her a lifetime ban from the World Council of Witches (WCW). Fifteen years later, she’s been living a fairly “normal” life and running her clothing boutique. She’s as shocked as everyone else when Derrick, a handsome WCW member, shows up in West Harbor and proclaims that Jessica is the “Chosen One.”

While she’s an outcast to the town’s elite, she has now been chosen to save them. As summer turns to fall, her powers have increased, and so has her attraction to Derrick. But is he who he says he is?

The Book Girls Say…

This book alternates between Jessica’s high school years and the present day.
Jess is referred to as a plus-sized witch – this cute rom com comes with a side of body positivity!

Book Summary

Eight years ago, Sage Flores’ sister passed away. She’s been on the run from her family’s unique “gifts” ever since. When she finally returns to their hometown, Sage takes a job that uses her ability to communicate with plants and helps discover unique specimens in the land surrounding town.

Her partner at work is Tennessee, who broke her heart in high school. It doesn’t take long for her old feelings to come back to the surface. But how could she have time for romance with plants to find, a dead sister who brings her coffee, and another sister whose anger comes out in lightning?

Book Summary

Aria comes from a family of witches, but her magic always manages to blow up in her face. That’s why she left the magical village of Charming Cove to work a regular job in London. But her wonky magic still seems to get in her way.

After losing her job, her grandmother insists that she compete in a competition to win the biggest magical fortune in England, the Garden of Enchantment. Aria wants nothing to do with the competition, especially when she learns that her nemesis, Callan, is also a competitor. But when she learns that winning is the only way to save her grandmother’s potion shop, she finally gives in.

The Book Girls Say…

This magical enemies-to-lovers romantic comedy is perfect for the fall season. The sequel, How to Fake-Date a Vampire has a publication date of August 31, 2023.

Kindle Unlimited as of: 08/22/2023

Book Summary

Mika is one of only a few witches in England, so she tries to keep a low profile. This also means staying away from other witches so their powers don’t intersect. She’s a lonely rule-follower in every aspect of her life except one. She posts online “pretending” to be a witch.

She thinks everyone will assume it’s a joke, but then she receives a letter begging her to travel to the remote Nowhere House to help three young witches control their magic. When she arrives, she finds that her new housemates aren’t just the young girls. There’s also a handsome, but protective, librarian named Jaime, an absent archaeologist, a retired actor, and two long-suffering caretakers.

Mika didn’t travel to the house to find a relationship or a new family, but could she have stumbled into both?

Book Summary

In Sadie’s family, each member has both magical abilities and a curse. Hers is the “curse of four heartbreaks.” Her first heartbreak was Jake, who thankfully left their small town a decade ago so she doesn’t have to run into him regularly.

However, when Jake suddenly returns, her life is already unraveling. Her beloved grandmother is dying, which has also brought her estranged brother to town. When her grandmother passes, will Sadie be strong enough to hold the family – and herself – together? And as she grows closer again with Jake, will she experience her final heartbreak? Or, can love be more powerful than magic?

Book Summary

Emmy Harlow is a witch with a complicated family history. Her powers come from her hometown of Thistle Grove, but the powers are waning as she’s avoiding both her family and heartbreaker, Gareth.

She reluctantly agrees to visit Thistle Grove for a spellcasting tournament and to hang out with her best friend Linden. But then, she unexpectedly runs into Talia, who has just broken up with Gareth…who was dating Linden at the same time.

The women decide he deserves some witchy revenge after breaking all their hearts. Along the way, you’ll enjoy the competitions at the Gaulent and Emmy’s unexpected attraction to Talia.

If you already read this one last fall, you’re in luck because the second book in the series – From Bad to Cursed – continues the story of the feud between the Avramov and Thorn families with an opposites-attract romance.

The Book Girls Say…

As of 2023, there are 3 additional books in the Witches of Thistle Grove series.

Not the Witch You Wed WItchy Rom Com cover

Book Summary

Violet is a magic-less witch who is being forced by old Supernatural Laws to find a mate. She definitely doesn’t want it to be wolf shifter Lincoln, who broke her heart when they were teens. However, maybe they can buy themselves some time if they fake-date for awhile.

However, old feelings start to come back, along with Violet’s magic. Will their fake dating turn real, or will old secrets and looming threats separate them once again?

Bonus Halloween Rom Com

Book Summary

Cheerful Penny loves pumpkin spice and everything else about fall too, with Halloween being her absolute favorite. Her hometown of Harrogate is the original Halloween town. She should be thrilled to be returning home, but she can’t get over the sense of failure that she’s only coming back because her journalism career in Manhattan didn’t work out.

Billionaire Garrett despises pumpkins, Halloween, and the overwhelming sense of dread as the cold and damp move in. When his new chauffeur arrives for her first day, she’s driving a hearse with Halloween carols booming.

The Book Girls Say…

This grumpy-meets-sunshine billionaire romance is perfect for those looking for an EXTRA steamy Halloween rom com this fall. Some reviewers think this novel was a bit long and would have been better in a novella length, so don’t pick it up if you’re looking for a speedy read.

Kindle Unlimited as of: 08/24/2023

While this list of rom coms focused on ghosts and witches for Halloween, we also have a list of cozy fall romance novels for you to check out next! They include characters participating in all kinds of fall activities, from pumpkin patches and apple picking to football and even one for the fall election season.


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