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The Best Audio Books on Kindle Unlimited

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We sometimes see comments that the Amazon Kindle Unlimited book selection isn’t great, but we strongly disagree! While you won’t find many of the most hyped-up brand new releases, the KU catalog still includes both beloved authors and new writers. In fact, three of our absolute favorite books are included in both ebook and audiobook formats! In this post we also explain the audiobook companion part of the Amazon Kindle Unlimited program and share a list of the best, highly-rated audio books on Kindle Unlimited.

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Last year, we did a deep dive into how Kindle Unlimited works and whether it is worth the monthly fee. You can read answers to the most common questions about Kindle Unlimited in that post, but the short answer is that we’ve both been subscribers ever since.

If you already subscribe to Kindle Unlimited and just need book recommendations, feel free to skip directly to the list of books below.

The availability of good Kindle Unlimited books with audio is a big reason that KU continues to be a good value for each of us, even though we have opposite reading habits. Angela primarily listens to audiobooks, and the Kindle Unlimited audiobook titles are a perfect supplement to her Audible membership (along with her Libby & Hoopla accounts through the library). When she’s waiting for holds to come in and doesn’t have any unused credits in her Audible subscription, she still has a ton of included free audiobooks to choose from.

Melissa prefers paper and Kindle books because it takes her a long time to finish one audiobook. However, she still likes to always have one to listen to as she drives around doing errands. The “Kindle Unlimited Read and Listen” books remove the pressure of her library loan due dates passing before she’s finished, but that isn’t even the best part.

The Kindle Unlimited books with narration come with Whispersync technology, which means you can seamlessly switch from the audiobook to the Kindle book without losing your place. For example, Melissa reads on her Kindle device or on her phone in the free Kindle reading app at night. Then when she gets in the car, the Audible app on her phone is automatically cued up to wherever she left off in the ebook. When she gets home and picks up the Kindle app again, it asks if she wants to jump forward to where the Audible narration left off. It’s been the best way for Melissa to incorporate Audible books without taking as much time to finish each book.

It’s important to note that not every book in the Kindle Unlimited Library has audio included – many are only ebooks. However, all of the books on our list below currently include audio. You can browse just the Kindle Unlimited audiobook catalog, or when you’re browsing the full Kindle Unlimited catalog, you can click into a book listing and look for the headphones icon if you specifically want audio.

If you haven’t tried KU before, sign up for a free trial here. Just remember to put a note on your calendar to re-evaluate if you’ve used it before it bills the next month. Feel free to read our post of common questions about Kindle Unlimited subscriptions before starting the trial period.

As much as we love this service, we also know that it’s not always easy to find the best audio books on Kindle Unlimited. To make it easier, we put together a list of highly-rated contemporary fiction and historical fiction that include both the Kindle version and the Audible Audiobook.

Kindle Unlimited Books with Audio

Our Favorite Audio Books on Kindle Unlimited

The Best Kindle Unlimited Historical Fiction Audio Books

The Best Contemporary Fiction Audio Books on Kindle Unlimited

For avid readers and book lovers, we’ve found the availability of Audible Audiobooks to be a great deal as part of the Kindle Unlimited subscription plan! All of the titles on the list above are books with at least 4 star ratings on Goodreads, so even if you have no interest in the Kindle Unlimited monthly subscription fee, we encourage you to add these books to your TBR list or library holds!