The Best Australian Children’s Books

Whether you found this searching for the top Australian children’s books to prep for a geography lesson, or you’re joining us as part of the Read Around the World Children’s summer reading challenge, we hope you’ll find the perfect book suggestions for your needs.

Oceania & Australia

While Australia is a very long flight from the United States, we can visit the beautiful continent through Australian kids’ books. There’s so much to learn! Did you know Australia is very similar in size to the continental US? The terrain is varied, from the rugged and rural outback to renowned crowded beaches.

While most of us learned in school that Australia is both a continent and an island, Australia is now widely considered to be part of a continental region known as Oceania. We’ve included books set in neighboring New Zealand on this regional book list.

Recommended Age Ranges

The list of the best children’s books about Australia is divided into sections, including Australian children’s picture books, early chapter books for new readers, and middle-grade Australian books for more advanced readers. You’ll also find recommended age ranges for every book at the end of each book description.

The list includes 50+ books for various ages and topics. Whether your child is drawn to Oceania and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, animals in the outback, or city life in Sydney, this book list will have something to capture their interest!

If you want to read a book about Australia and New Zealand along with your child, check out our list of Books Set in Australia for Adults!

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  1. Chantelle says:

    What a fantastic list!! As an Aussie raising bilingual kids in Germany, I’m going to go over this list in great detail and add to our bookshelves. Thanks for compiling this.