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Children’s Books Set in Asia

Whether you found this searching for the top Asian Children’s Books to prep for a geography lesson, or you’re joining us as part of the Read Around the World Children’s summer reading challenge, we hope you’ll find the perfect book suggestions for your needs.

Countries Included on This List

The continent of Asia is made up of 48 individual countries, including four out of the top five nations in population – China, India, Indonesia, and Pakistan. We gathered a book list that highlights the many different regions and traditions of Asian countries. Some of the topics covered include city life in Tokyo and Singapore, island life in Indonesia and Borneo, and stories set on the mountains that span much of Asia, including Mount Everest in Nepal.

Recommended Age Ranges

This list of the best kids’ books set in Asia is divided into sections, including children’s picture books set in Asia, early chapter books for new readers, and middle-grade books with Asian characters for more advanced readers. You’ll find recommended age ranges for every book at the end of each book description.

The list includes 40+ books for various ages and topics covering the vast continent of Asia. From learning your ABCs for preschool to a novel set in present-day Hiroshima for middle school readers, there’s something for every kid.

If you want to read a book about Asia along with your child, check out our lists of Books Set in Northern Asia for Adults and Books Set in Sourthern Asia for Adults.

Asian Childen’s Books for Kids and Tweens

The Best Children's Picture Books Set in Asia

Early Readers and Beginner Chapter Books Set in Asia

Middle Grade Books Set in Asia



Angela & Melissa

The Book Girls are best friends who jointly read over 200 books per year. We started Book Girls' Guide in 2019 to help others de-stress and find joy through the power of a great book. We do in-depth research on thousands of novels and non-fiction titles each year to provide curated book lists covering a variety of genres.

John Craig

Tuesday 3rd of January 2023


A good friend sent me a link to your site.

I have a 10 year old girl, 5th grade, who reads at a Lexile level of 1050+ (DRA 80 or so). She has read, comprehends, and is able to discuss the books I read. She read the Harry Potter series (all 8 books) in second grade with great interest.

Here is the problem: how do I go about finding books appropriate for her reading level AND have content a 10 year old girl can be exposed to? Most of the higher level books I find have trashy content or subject matter she is too young to be exposed to.

We try not to buy book since she will go through them so quickly, we are not able to keep up with it financially. We have used three public libraries (family members cards) in Orange County, CA, Seattle WA, and our home library in Reno, NV. At any one time she has a paper book, a Kindle book in process and 2 or 3 books on hold at these libraries.

We just got her a subscription to Kindle Unlimited from Amazon to see if we can keep her in books.

Looking for some advice to keep her reading appetite satisfied.

As a note, she does other stuff besides reading.... piano, skiing, paddleboard, drawing, witting, etc.

thank you

John Craig [email protected] 206.383.3359

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