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Musical Theatre Books for Broadway Lovers: Non-Fiction and Memoirs

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For our fellow Broadway lovers, we’ve compiled this list of some of the very best non-fiction musical theatre books and Broadway memoirs.

These books transport us into the nerve-wracking audition rooms and onto the tense rehearsal stages. We get to experience the drama that happens under the stage lights and in the darkened wings. And we also get to sit in the audience for some of the most memorable moments in theater history.

Three tilted book covers, the center book is titled Singular Sensation and appears to be written in marquee lights.

We’ve broken our list down into three sections. The non-fiction titles delve into the history of Broadway, the creative process, and theater’s evolving role in American culture. The memoirs on the list take us behind the scenes with some of our favorite Broadway stars and tell their personal stories of life on stage and off. Finally, we’ve included our favorite Broadway coffee table books that are great gifts for theater lovers.

Broadway fans will also want to check out our Theater Fiction list that includes the best novels for theater lovers! This booklist includes a wide variety of contemporary and historical fiction titles, as well as some mysteries, romances, and rom-coms.

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Musical Theatre Books for Broadway Lovers

Non-Fiction Broadway Musical Books

These are some of the very best books about Broadway that tell the stories of the shows, the songs, the theaters, and the people who make the magic happen night after night.

Broadway Memoirs

Broadway Coffee Table Books

These coffee table books make great gifts for theater lovers and the vibrant photos and illustrations make them some of the very best books about musical theater!

Books for Broadway Lovers heading with the cover of three non-fiction books

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Monday 10th of October 2022

[…] If you’re looking for non-fiction books or memoirs that provide a behind the scenes look Broadway theater, be sure to check out our list of Musical Theatre Books for Broadway Lovers. […]