Books Like The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah is an unforgettable historical fiction novel about the experience of two sisters in France during World War II. It blends two different true events in a way that gives us a new perspective on life in France throughout the early 40s.

While an older sister is forced to host a German officer in her home, her younger rebellious sister joins the resistance movement. She makes heroic efforts to help British and American soldiers who parachute into France after their planes are disabled.

3 tilted book covers, Secrets of a Charmed Life and The Things We Cannot say to the sides represing books like the Nightingale (which is in the middle)

When looking for books similar to The Nightingale, we were most drawn to the different stories of women’s vital roles and experiences during this tragic time. If you like these stories, you may also like the books on our list of historical fiction featuring WW2 resistance workers.

Historical Fiction Books Like the Nightingale

13 Books for Fans of the Nightingale - text over book cover


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  1. Lee Kaplan says:

    I loved The Nightingale, The Book Thief (which I bought…rare for me), Winter Garden (stunning revelation), and All the Light We Cannot See (heartbreaking). I look forward to reading many of the other books on this list.
    Do you have a similar list for those of us who loved The Night Circus? Never knew magical realism was a genre.

  2. Just joined! I had already read 2 of them before I got the list. Absolutely loved The Nightingale. I also read The Things We Can Not say. I have read a few books by Kelly Rimmer and really enjoyed them!

    I’m so glad I have found this list
    Thank you

  3. Mrunal Natu says:

    Just what I needed. I was heart-broken after I finished the Nightingale and was looking for another book just as good.

  4. Kathy Coaker says:

    Thanks for the list. I have read more than half of them! I have a few on my Kindle, waiting to be read and now I several more to add to my TBR list!

  5. B SUllivan says:

    All great reads…

    1. Thank you for this list! I have read only a couple, but intend to read most of these!

  6. Great list!! I have read about 1/2 of them – but several more are now on my reading list!! Thank heavens for e-books from the library while we were stuck at home. Our library is still only open for “take out” of books in their collection.