Best Book Themed Jigsaw Puzzles

For those of us who love a quiet evening at home, literary puzzles are a great alternative to reading, especially when you’re doing one of these book-themed options!

Puzzles are also a great way to encourage family time away from electronics. They help bridge generations since they can be enjoyed by kids and adults of all ages!

Literary puzzles are perfect when you need a gift for a book lover that isn’t a book! Here are some of our favorites, including everything from Nancy Drew book covers to library scenes.

Book Shop & Library Jigsaw Puzzles

Snowy NYC Public Library illustration puzzle

Snowy New York Public Library

The classic lions outside the New York Public Library are decorated for Christmas, making this the perfect family puzzle for December. Bonus points if you’ve read Lions of 5th Avenue!

Tri-level Bookstore puzzle

A Day in the Bookstore Puzzle

Peek into THREE levels of a charming bookshop in this creative street view scene by Galison Puzzles.

Cozy bookshop interior illustration on puzzle

Readers Paradise by White Mountain

This White Mountain puzzle is appropriately named because this scene definitely looks like paradise on a cold winter day.

Exterior of NYC Library Puzzle

Springtime Library Puzzle

While this puzzle is only 500 pieces, it’s double-sided, making it more difficult. You can complete one side and then take it apart to complete it again with the other side facing up!

New Yorker Book Shop Cover Puzzle

New Yorker Cover Puzzle

This book store puzzle was originally the August 11th, 1962 New Yorker magazine cover, illustrated by Artist Arthur Getz.

Giant wall of books puzzle

Iconic Starfield Library Shelves

Complete this puzzle of the awe-inspiring shelves in South Korea’s Starfield Library, and then start planning a trip to visit in person!

Bizarre Bookshop Puzzle

Bizarre Bookshop Puzzle

Looking for something with a bit more detail and whimsy? Try this Ravensburger Bizarre Bookshop puzzle!

Used Book Shop Puzzle

Peek into the Used Book Shop

Don’t you feel drawn right into this magical peek into a neighborhood bookshop?

Princeton Press Bookshop Puzzle

Princeton Press Bookstore Puzzle

This Princeton Architectural Press puzzle is full of literary references and hidden literary trivia you’ll discover as you put together the pieces.

Book Spine Puzzles

Diverse author puzzle

Diverse Spines by Chronicle Books

If you’re looking for a gift for a reader, this is packaged perfectly in a book-shaped box.

The book stacks in the puzzle make up a fabulous reading list of 60 books by diverse authors, including modern classics like The Joy Luck Club, The Kite Runner, and There, There.

Herringbone spines book puzzle

Herringbone Book Spines Puzzle

The herringbone pattern and colors in this puzzle would make it great art for the wall when you’re done!

White Mountian Puzzles with 20th Century Books

20th Century Stories

This bookshelf puzzle by White Mountain highlights some of the best books from across the 20th Century.

I'd Rather Be Reading Puzzle

I’d Rather Be Reading

The brightly colored book spines on this puzzle are so pretty! If you know a reader obsessed with organization, they’ll appreciate these tidy shelves.

Book Club Darlings

How many of these books did your book club read? Grab this puzzle in honor of all the fun you have with your club each month!
NOTE: Some reviewers get frustrated by the solid white sections of this puzzle because the pieces are all very similar.

Themed Book Cover Puzzles

Stephen King Puzzle

Stephen King Book Cover Puzzle

Horror fans will adore this wooden puzzle with unique pieces and a simple wood box.
Be aware that the finished size is noted as approximately 11 x 15″ and not as large as the mock-up on the sales page showing it on the wall. We’re still buying one as a fun gift for a Stephen King lover!

Jane Austen Puzzle

Jane Austen Book Cover Jigsaw Puzzle

Is there a Jane Austen fan on your holiday shopping list? This puzzle will bring them joy when they unwrap it and again when they spend time putting it together.

Banned Books Puzzle

Banned Books Puzzle

This puzzle would be a great gift for anyone who aims to read commonly banned books or works to keep books accessible in public libraries.

Vintage Best Seller Book Cover Jigsaw Puzzle

Vintage Best Sellers Book Covers

Featuring just over 50 bestselling vintage books, this White Mountain puzzle can double as a reading list!

Nancy Drew Puzzle

Nancy Drew Puzzle

Did you devour Nancy Drew novels as you were growing up? Finish this puzzle and then try to remember which ones you’ve read. Or even better, gift it to someone who loved Nancy Drew as a kid to bring back happy childhood memories.

Harry Potter Book Cover puzzle

Harry Potter Book Covers

This is a must-have for the Harry Potter fanatic in your life, and perfect for younger kids to help with as it’s 500 pieces instead of 1000 like many on our list!

Books for Dog Lovers Puzzle

Dog Tales Puzzle

Need a Christmas gift for a book lover who is also a dog lover? This is sure to be a hit!

There’s also an option for cat book covers.

Puzzles Featuring Readers or Authors

Illustration of readers with books

Book Club Puzzle

This modern jigsaw puzzle design is colorful and fun. If you zoom in, you can see all the humourous plays on popular book titles!

Famous Authors Puzzle

Famous Authors Postage Stamp Puzzle

Each stamp included on this jigsaw puzzle represents a different author, with their home country noted in the stamp design.

Reading with your dog puzzle

Reading Chair with a Frenchie

Our dogs are typically curled up nearby while we read, too!

Puzzle Board with Drawer

Puzzle Assembly Board

Our last item isn’t actually a puzzle, but it is the ultimate gift for puzzle lovers. Since we’d both love one of these puzzle boards for our own homes, we thought it was worth highlighting. The board makes it easy to move the puzzle off the table for meals, and the drawers make it easy to sort pieces AND keep them out of reach from little fingers or paws.

Let us know if you’ve tried any of these in the comments below!

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  1. Karen Whorrall says:

    I love jigsaw puzzles!! I have done a couple of these & will look for some of the others to work!

  2. Sheila Bower says:

    I love this!! I thought I had done most book related puzzles but found so many more great ones in this section. Thanks!
    I tried to add a photo of my favorite book puzzle but it won’t let me load it. It is a picture of a storefront of one of my local bookstores Browseabout Books in Rehoboth, DE.

    1. Melissa George says:

      OH that sounds fun, we’ll see if we can find it!