In June 2022, we had a fun chat with Georgia Clark about her new summer, sometimes steamy, rom-com Island Time. If you haven’t read the book, it’s about two families – one a loud and messy, but loving Australian family; the other a sophisticated and buttoned-up American family. They end up together on an island adventure off the coast of Queensland, Australia.

The only thing the Kelly and the Lee families have in common is that their daughters are married. During a short “get to know you” trip, the two families wind up stranded together for six weeks because of a volcano eruption on a nearby island.

With only two island employees making up the rest of their party, everyone is forced to question what—or who—they really want.

This book is a fun ensemble comedy told from multiple points of view and reads like a love letter to Australia! It’s filled with vivid descriptions of the landscape and wildlife, and lots of fascinating information about the culture and history.

In addition to chatting about the book, Georgia shares some great insights into her own decision to live in New York after being born and raised in Australia. She also breaks down what it’s REALLY like behind the scenes for writers.