Autumn Reading Guide

This dark and atmospheric novel weaves together the stories of three extraordinary women across five centuries, using a bit of magical realism along the way.


This humorous back to school novel is told from the dad's point of view as he's forced to compete against his high school nemesis again, but this time for a seat on the school board.


Vale was starting to hit her stride at 23 in the Pittsburgh bar she opened with her father, Bo. However, when the bar has a fire and she learns the insurance hasn't been paid, she's back to square one.

A Brighter Flame

This dual-timeline historical fiction includes the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, Ellis Island, and 9/11. The storylines are all connected by a scarf in this pageturning read.

A Fall of Marigolds

This page-turning historical novel is based on the real-life & historic memoir of a 15th-century female physician in China. It will leave your jaw-dropped as you learn about life for women during the Ming Dynasty.

Lady Tan's Circle of Women

Yellow Star

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